The launch of YouGov Profiles

November 24, 2014, 1:46 PM GMT+0

If you’ve read a newspaper in the last few days, if you’ve visited the twittersphere lately, you’ve probably heard the news: YouGov has introduced an extraordinary new audience segmentation and media planning tool for brands and their agencies.

'YouGov Profiles seek to show what differentiates a particular group from the rest of the country, rather than necessarily what the average member is like.' – The Times

YouGov Profiles, which the Financial Times hails as a “nifty new marketing tool”, connects 120,000 integrated data points from over 200,000 of YouGov’s most active UK panelists. It gives brand marketers and their agencies a deeper, richer, more detailed portrait of their customers and their lives. Their purchase behaviours. Their media consumption. Their likes and dislikes.

I’m convinced that Profiles presents a significant opportunity for you. To prove it, we’ve created an app for our website, the YouGov Profiler – described by the London Evening Standard as “addictive”. The Profiler gives you a very limited look into the proprietary data set we use in the actual Profiles tool, but even so, you can get a sense of the depth of information it provides.

Of course, the media and the general public are having a wonderful time playing with our app.

'Although already a massive hit with the general public the YouGov app was designed as a commercial taster for a massive paid-for version which includes considerably more data and deeper analysis.' – The Daily Telegraph

While the Profiler app shows what differentiates a particular group from another group or the rest of the country (for example, comparing fans of Downton Abbey to those who have rated any TV shows), the full Profiles tool does much more. As well as providing expanded versions of the proportionally significant data on the app, subscribers also access standard percentage data about the overall size of their audience and the like. We also have a Q&A page to answer your questions about YouGov Profiles and our Profiler app.