Evidence Britain is becoming more socially liberal

November 12, 2014, 9:50 AM GMT+0

Britain has become more socially liberal, even in the past six months, it seems from a new instalment of YouGov's issues tracker

Since we asked the same questions back in March, we see that support for positive discrimination for women at work has gone from net +13 per cent to net +21 per cent (up 8). Positive discrimination for ethnic minorities was net -6 per cent, and is now +6 per cent (up 12). The right of same-sex couples to marry is now supported by net +30 per cent, up from net +23 per cent (up 7).

Shifts in net score double the actual change so you could argue that two of these three are just about within the margin of error, but it is much likelier that they represent real change in attitudes. We'll be going over a whole range of attitudes over the next month.

There will be more on this story over on the Red Box website later today.

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