Spending review reactions

October 20, 2010, 9:57 PM GMT+0

The standing of the parties prior to the spending review was CON 42%, LAB 39%, LDEM 11%, since the end of conference season the Conservatives have recorded a steady lead of around 3 or 4 points, with Labour in second place and the Liberal Democrats reduced to around 12%.

Prior to the spending review, 60% of the public saw the forthcoming cuts as 'unavoidable' and 48% saw the former Labour government as bearing more of the responsibility for them than the coalition, which was blamed by just 17%.

However, 47% thought the cuts were being carried out unfairly and 44% thought the government’s plans to cut spending were too fast. 85% expected public services to suffer. But only 25% thought Labour has a ‘serious alternative’ to the Government’s plans.

Over the next 24 hours YouGov will test the public’s response to the Chancellor’s measures. Four months ago his Budget went down well with voters. Will his spending plans prove equally popular? And how will voters feel as the cuts take effect over the next four years? Will the Conservatives keep or lose their polling lead? Will the Liberal Democrats benefit or suffer from their role as coalition partners? Will Labour recover its reputation for economic competence – or continue to take the blame for the spending cuts? YouGov’s daily polls for the Sun and Sunday Times will continue to tell the story as it unfolds, first and fastest.

Our first poll testing reactions to the Public Spending Review will be published by the Sun on Friday morning, with full tables available on this website