Ed a ‘good thing’ for Labour?

October 02, 2010, 12:26 AM GMT+0

After beating his brother to the coveted post of Labour party leader by a margin of 1.3% Ed Miliband needed to make a convincing speech at the Labour conference after his win, and our results show that while the British public generally supports Ed’s ideas, people are divided over whether Ed represents a ‘good thing’ for Labour.

  • 50% of people think that Ed Miliband will do well as leader compared to the 24% who think he will do badly. A sizeable proportion (26%) doesn’t know.
  • In his speech at the Labour party conference, Ed Miliband spoke of the need to change the direction of the Labour party, and the biggest percentage (36%) of people think that Ed will change the party for the better
  • Only 12% believe he will worsen the party’s standing
  • But 35% doubt Ed that will make any real change at all.

‘Lurch to the left’?

  • 24% believe that Labour has moved to the Left by electing Ed Miliband as leader, and that this is a bad thing
  • Compared to the 21% who think that Labour has moved to the Left but that this is a good thing
  • 17%, however, think that the suggestion that Ed will move the party left is completely ‘untrue’
  • The biggest percentage, however, was of people who don’t know (39%)

Past policies and new promises

  • 71% of the public thought Ed was right to admit that the last Government had made mistakes
  • 65% thought that Ed was right to say he would not support ‘irresponsible’ strikes against cuts
  • 74% supported his policy of enforcing a higher levy on banks
  • 61% agreed that a policy of giving more employment rights to temporary workers employed through agencies was right
  • While 72% thought introducing a higher minimum wage was a good idea.
  • Harriet Harman admitted today that the Miliband brothers’ saga had caused the Labour conference to be a ‘real rollercoaster’. There are likely to be plenty more highs and lows ahead as Ed Miliband’s ‘new generation’ attempts to re-invigorate Labour.Survey details and full results