Krista Campbell
  • Britons split on physical literacyArticle

    Britons split on physical literacy

    85% say childhood obesity ‘serious problem’; Britons split on compulsory physical tests in schools

    13 Dec 2011
  • Cinderella tops Xmas Panto poll Article

    Cinderella tops Xmas Panto poll

    You shall go to the Panto! 15% Britons say Cinderella is best; 8% say Aladdin, 8% Snow White

    12 Dec 2011
  • Athletes as role modelsArticle

    Athletes as role models

    34% of Britons choose athletes as best role models for young people, only 3% pick footballers from list

    05 Dec 2011
  • Prioritise British workersArticle

    Prioritise British workers

    69% say Government should do more to prioritise British candidates for UK jobs; 21% disagree

    30 Nov 2011
  • Strike action oppositionArticle

    Strike action opposition

    Half of Brits oppose planned public sector strike action; 17% parents will take day off to look after kids

    29 Nov 2011
  • ‘Ban smoking in cars’Article

    ‘Ban smoking in cars’

    59% Brits would support ban on smoking in cars carrying passengers; 34% would support total ban

    24 Nov 2011
  • Movies: This weekend's verdict Article

    Movies: This weekend's verdict

    Cancer, marriage and LSD: Did any of this week's films find favour with you? Plus, next week's trailers

    22 Nov 2011
  • Nothing but a numberArticle

    Nothing but a number

    Do you agree? Britons say ‘47’ is ‘middle aged’, and 70 is when you start to become ‘elderly’ They say that you’re only as old as you feel, but most British adults would say ‘middle age’ is 47, and ‘elderly’ age 70, our poll has found. The results come ...

    18 Nov 2011
  • Reform employment laws? Article

    Reform employment laws?

    38% British say employee dismissal is too difficult, 19% too easy; 31% feel balance is about right

    16 Nov 2011
  • Movies: This weekend's verdict Article

    Movies: This weekend's verdict

    So, which films have come top this week, and which have panellists decided to give a miss? Find out here!

    15 Nov 2011