Most Europeans are worried about climate change, and blame humanity for global warming

Jemma ConnerResearch Manager
April 22, 2022, 10:01 AM GMT+0

Germans are the least likely to think mankind is responsible for the changing climate

Most Europeans continue to be worried about climate change, according to a new YouGov Eurotrack survey.

A majority of adults in Italy (83%), Spain (77%), France (77%), Germany (66%), Denmark (62%), Sweden (61%) and Britain (59%) all say they are worried about climate change and its effects. This represents a minor drop in most countries since YouGov last asked in September.

Italians are the most likely to be “very worried”, at 40% compared to 20-34% in the other countries.

That mankind is responsible for the world’s changing climate is widely accepted across Western Europe. Italians are the most likely to think so, at 81%. Germans are notably less likely than any of their neighbours to think so, at 63%. One in five Germans say that the climate is changing, but not because of human activity.

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