The best Taylor Swift albums and songs, according to Swifties

Sarah Prescott-SmithSenior Research Executive
March 09, 2023, 10:13 AM GMT+0

Americans are much bigger fans of Lover, while Britons are more likely to opt for 1989

Taylor Swift is set to embark on her highly anticipated Eras Tour in the US next week. After the release of Midnights last October, she boasts 10 albums and over 200 songs to her name, begging the question of how she’ll condense her discography into a set list.

Now a new YouGov survey, conducted in the UK and US, explores her ultimate fan favourites.

What are Taylor Swift fans’ favourite albums?

Amongst Britain’s self-proclaimed Swifties, Taylor’s fifth studio album, 1989, tops the rankings, with just over a fifth (22%) stating it’s their overall favourite. Having topped the UK album charts, a majority of fans claim to either like (35%) or love (27%) the album.

In second place is Red, with 15% of Taylor Swift fans claiming it as their overall favourite. Long considered a fan favourite, Taylor released her re-recorded version of Red (known as ‘Taylor’s Version’) in November 2021, and 57% of fans in the UK claim to either like (33%) or love (24%) either variation of the album.

Taylor’s most recent release, Midnights, also topped the UK album charts after its release in October 2022 and is currently ranked sixth amongst her UK fans with 7% claiming it as their overall favourite.

By comparison, Taylor Swift fans in the US ranked Lover as their ultimate favourite at 14%, although their rankings are far more clustered, with five albums receiving between 10% and 14% of the vote.

What are Taylor Swift fans’ favourite songs?

The Eras Tour is meant to celebrate Swift’s entire career so far, with many fans wondering which songs she’ll perform.

After claiming the top spot in the album rankings, 1989 also boasts UK fans’ ultimate favourite song: Shake It Off. Indeed, 28% of those with a favourite song say the UK number 1 hit is amongst their favourites.

In second spot is Love Story, from Taylor’s album Fearless, with 16% stating it’s one of their favourites. Closely following this in third is one of Taylor’s more recent singles, Anti-Hero, from her latest studio album Midnights, with 12% of fans with a favourite song claiming it as one of their all-time favourites.

Amongst US fans the field is again more diverse. Love Story is the fan favourite, at 19%, with 16% echoing the British fans in saying that Shake It Off is the best song. Unsurprisingly, given the greater popularity of the album Lover in the US, the eponymous song is also more popular there, at 11% to 3% in Britain.

In which order should Taylor’s remaining re-recordings be released?

Taylor Swift has begun a process of re-recording some of her older albums from her back catalogue, having already re-released Fearless and Red, and there has been plenty of speculation surrounding which of the albums Taylor will release next. But in what order do her UK fans want the albums to come?

Perhaps expectedly, given it topped the list of UK fan’s favourite albums, it’s most common for fans to want 1989 to come next, with more than a quarter (28%) ranking it first.

Following this, Taylor’s debut album, ‘Taylor Swift, Debut’, is ranked first for a remastering by 13% of UK fans.

And, despite being rumoured to be the next rerelease, only 9% of UK fans say Speak Now is the re-release they crave next. Finally, 7% of UK fans want to see Reputation given an update next.

In the US, 25% of fans also rank 1989 first, but just as many (26%) say they want to see Taylor Swift, Debut given the priority for remastering.

See the full UK results here and US results here

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