The Diamond Jubilee – Are you celebrating?

June 01, 2012, 4:00 PM GMT+0

It’s finally here – the fifth and last instalment of our week-long series revealing what you think of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Whether you are planning on taking part in the festivities this bank holiday weekend, or steering clear, we invited you to tell us how you are marking the occasion.

Those who took part were pretty evenly split between those, with pro-royal sentiment, were planning to make merry, and those who, less enthused, have decided to sit out of the Jubilee parties and just enjoy the extra two days off.

Among those of you giving the Diamond Jubilee celebrations a pass, many people expressed displeasure with the amount of public money being spent on the festivities, and said it was an attempt to distract the public from the poor state of the economy. Others told us they just couldn’t get the day off work.

Participants who were planning to get into the Jubilee spirit, however, told us it was 'once-in-a-lifetime' celebration of national pride:

  • The most popular Jubilee event among these participants was the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, the 1000-strong boat flotilla that will take place in London on Sunday. Whether you told us you’d been standing on the banks of the Thames, or watching from home on TV, those who took part were definitely excited the display.
  • Many participants told us they were either arranging, taking part in, or ‘gate crashing’ a local street party. You told us it was a great occasion to see friends and neighbours, and meet new people in your community.
  • The third most popular Jubilee activity for those who took part in the Jubilee Lab was the BBC Concert at Buckingham Palace: some of you were lucky enough to get tickets, while others said they’d be watching from home. The event was organised by the BBC and patriotic impresario Gary Barlow, with acts including Annie Lennox, Elton John, Paul McCartney and Shirley Bassey.

Are you celebrating the Jubilee this weekend, or don’t feel you have cause to?

We look at your plans below, either way.

Click on the headings to find out what YouGov panellists are up to over the extended weekend…

'I'll be watching the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant'

It is an important part of our nation's history, as Her Majesty is now the second longest ruling British monarch ever. I am also pride of my heritage and believe these things to be important” George, Exeter

I expect it will be worth watching, and on TV I will get a better view than if I went in personAnon

“It should be attractive, impressive, and like nothing else I'm likely to see in my lifetime. It is a celebration of a Monarch who has not put a foot wrong in her 60 extraordinary years on the throne. A lot of people have put a great deal of effort and affection into the pageant, and it is intended to show the Queen how well regarded she is, by the UK and hopefully other parts of the world, Commonwealth and otherwise” G Martin, Hampshire

It’s unlikely there'll be another Diamond Jubilee in my lifetime and I want to do everything related to itOlivia Ann, London

“I am unable to travel to London so TV is the only way I will be able to experience the majesty and joy of the occasion. I will have a box of paper tissues to hand as I expect it to be very emotional” Nikki T, West Sussex

“I have an 8-year-old daughter who needs to see good and positive things about her country and how the world views it. This and the Olympics are fantastic for her and our future generations in restoring national pride and respectAnon

I am British and this is what being British and loving the Royalty is about. I will be proud to be a small part of it” Anne, Durham

We are going into London to be part of the celebrations and enjoy the atmosphere even though we may not be able to see much. We are looking forward to the feeling of patriotism and seeing lots of happy and smiley peoplePaul C, Essex

'I'll be joining a Jubilee street party'

It will be a fantastic community celebration, and a great way to deepen (or make new) local friendshipsJulian, Leeds

“I arranged the party partly as a way to get to know the neighbours and because the Queen and Prince Philip have done a fantastic job for 60 years, and It’s worth having some pride in them and celebrating with themAnon

It is a great occasion for the neighbourhood. All the families of all ages come out and chat and share food and the children have races and games. We did one for the Royal wedding last year and everyone enjoyed it so much we are doing it again for the Jubilee” Sue, Liverpool

My neighbours want a party. I like my neighbours. I like parties” Daisy, London

One of my first memories was the Coronation and the bunting across our street with tables all the way down. I knew there was something special occurring. I also remember with great fondness the Silver Jubilee celebrations and street parties in London. It will be a great, joyful and happy occasionGeordie, Luton

Our community has got together to organise a major event for the whole community, not just our street. There are competitions, a bouncy castle, military band parade, fancy dress for a side football, wellie wanging, sumo suits, craft stalls, market stalls, a barbecue hog roast, tea and cakes, and lots more!” Beryl M, Marlpool

“We celebrated VE Day 1995 and the Golden Jubilee. It brings neighbours together and is a great excuse for a party. Our street is multi-ethnic, some not even Commonwealth, yet all want to join in. None of us, not even the youngest child, is ever likely to live to see another Diamond Jubilee, so it is history, too, that we're living” Neil B, Maidenhead

'I'll be watching the BBC Concert at Buckingham Palace'

It will be a magical night of entertainmentTim, London

I was outside Buckingham Palace watching the Golden Jubilee concert on big screens, and want to experience that euphoric feeling of everyone together againAnon

I think it will be spectacular – good stars, and Gary Barlow has done a great job and it will be amazing to see the performers against the backdrop of the Palace” Anon

It will be fun and give a sense of occasion. Hope to join with several friends in Green ParkAnon

Diamond Jubilee food & drink:

When it came to telling us what you’d be eating and drinking over the Jubilee weekend, most pro-of our Jubilee participants were hoping to indulge in some traditional favourites:

  • For food, the aptly-named Coronation chicken came out on top.

“The dish was created to celebrate the Coronation so it will be extremely appropriate for celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. Plus, my daughter is making a Weight Watchers friendly version so my diet won't go completely to pot!” Jo Woods

“The Jubilee marks the years since the queen was crowned her ‘Coronation’. Plus, it's a versatile food that is great for buffets” Abbi, London

  • Followed by a classic Victoria sponge.

“It is a good old British cake and I will be decorating it with the British colours of red, white and blue” Sheila B, Beverley

“It was created for Queen Victoria, who was the only monarch to have previously had a Diamond Jubilee, and it's incredibly British” Naomi, Derbyshire

  • And that quintessentially British treat, the scone.

“It's the theatrics and the simplicity, with the eternal question of jam or cream first” Anon

“Very British and brings up a great debate on its pronunciation” Jonathan C-F, Peterborough

  • As for what to drink, the two beverages that participants felt ‘quintessential’ options for the Diamond Jubilee were Pimms...

“It conjures up lazy summer days in the British countryside” Anon

“It's so summery and regal!” Anon

  • ...and tea

“As with scones, tea is synonymous with Great Britain and English afternoon tea” Lisa G, Burnley

“The British are famous for drinking tea” Natalie, Birmingham

What about those who won’t be celebrating the Jubilee?

It and she are irrelevant to my life” Anon

Some people have to work. I shall be on night shifts, and very glad I can legitimately sleep though the day and avoid all of the nonsense” Neil, Brighton

I’m against the monarchy and I refuse to be positive about celebrations which are costing the country a lot of moneyHB, Dorset

It's too expensive, and I have better things to do, as I have my own event to plan. My partner suggested an ‘anti-jubilee’party, but I plan on just making use of the extra day's holiday for chilling out at home” Jen, North Wales

The country is in a mess – we can't afford to take an extra-long weekend. After the party is over the queen will go back to her rich pampered life while many of us will have sleepless nights worrying about losing our jobs, paying our mortgages and struggling to buy food and pay billsTricia, Glasgow

The events surrounding the Jubilee are designed to distract us from our failing economy and rising poverty. The money being spent on it adds insult to injury” Anon

Whether you said you were more of a royalist, more republican, excited for the Jubilee, or ignoring it completely, we at Labs thoroughly enjoyed hearing from the thousands of you who took part in this week’s discussion.

Whatever you are planning on doing this Jubilee weekend, if you’ve got something planned, why not tell us about it below?