Half of Love Island fans would watch a same-sex series of the show

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
January 10, 2020, 12:00 AM GMT+0

Large majority of fans would also support a more diverse selection of contestants, including old, disabled and asexual stars

The new series of ITV hit reality show Love Island kicks off this weekend, marking the first time a series has aired during the winter.

A new YouGov Omnibus survey finds that 10% of Brits say they intend to tune in to the antics in the villa, including 28% of 18-24 year olds.

With the show on its sixth series the results show that ITV are still able to draw back the vast majority of fans – fully 82% say they will be returning to see what happens on the Island (and only 5% are sure that they won’t).

Most fans would watch a gay/lesbian series

Last year’s series saw the show’s first bisexual contestants, Kyra and Emily, although they didn’t couple up with one another. Some fans of the show have been pressing ITV for a same-sex series or spin-off – but is this something the wider fanbase is interested in seeing?

The answer is largely yes. Among those who describe themselves as fans of the show 55% say they would watch an all gay and/or lesbian series. Only a quarter say they wouldn’t, with the remaining 17% unsure.

Such an innovation does also pique the interest of 5% of Brits not intending to watch the latest series, which would theoretically offset the fans lost by or unsure of a same-sex show.

YouGov also asked whether fans would support the show including a more diverse selection of contestants. In all cases a large majority of fans say they would, including…

  • 87% who would support a decision to include contestants with physical disabilities,
  • 79% for unattractive contestants,
  • 75% for bisexual contestants,
  • 70% for homosexual contestants,
  • 66% for contestants aged 50 or older,
  • 63% for asexual contestants (in this instance defined as “not people who do not experience sexual attraction, but still feel romantic attraction”, so specifically contestants who are asexual but not aromantic).

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