Do people like holographic concerts?

Connor IbbetsonData Journalist
September 20, 2019, 10:40 AM GMT+0

The majority of Brits wouldn’t want to go to a concert fronted by a hologram rather than a live performer

In years past, if your favourite musician had passed away or was no longer touring, the best you could do was a tribute act – but could improving hologram technology change that?

World famous musicians such as Roy Orbison, who died in 1988, Buddy Holly, who passed in 1959, and Whitney Houston, who died in 2012, are all being resurrected in hologram form to perform for audiences again.

However, by a count of seven to one, Britons say the new hologram tours are not for them - some 69% of Britons saying they would not consider going to see such a performance.

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The concerts use a mixture of body doubles and CGI to re-create the performances of the past, but just one in ten Brits (10%) said they would consider paying for one.

Other uses of hologram technology also prove unpopular with Brits, with use of holographic teachers in classrooms only being seen as a good resource by 23% of Britons, and 44% saying a teacher should always be physically present.

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