Taylor Swift’s best London date

Connor IbbetsonData Journalist
September 11, 2019, 8:00 AM GMT+0

Of all the dates listed in Swift’s latest song, a walk and a drink in Soho and high tea also proved popular with Londoners

In one of her latest songs, London Boy, Taylor Swift describes a busy romantic trip to the capital, featuring everything from high tea in London’s West End, to an afternoon walk through Camden Market and even a night out in Brixton, South London.

New YouGov polling of Londoners shows that spending the afternoon on Hampstead Heath is the most popular activity featured in the song, with 61% of Londoners saying it would make a good romantic date.

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Also popular with Londoners was a drink and a walk through Soho, with over half (60%) saying it would also make a good date. High tea in the West End was also favourable, with 55% of Londoners saying it would also make for a romantic date.

The walk and drink through Soho proved the most popular date amongst men, with 57% saying it would be a good romantic date. Women however preferred the idea of Hampstead Heath, 65% of whom think it would make for a good date in the capital.

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On the flipside, just one-in-ten (11%) say shopping in Hackney would make a good romantic date. However the worst date featured in the song according to Londoners is watching rugby in the pub, with over half (59%) saying it would not make a good romantic occasion at all.

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