Workers disagree with their bosses over how productive they are working from home

Connor IbbetsonData Journalist
August 12, 2022, 10:08 AM GMT+0

Bosses are split over where their workers are most productive

The argument against home working has long been that without their ever-watchful bosses, workers will do less at home than they would in their usual workplace. Indeed, before the Conservative leadership contest, Jacob Rees Mogg was leading the charge to boost civil service productivity by getting workers back to the office. However, new YouGov research among workers and business decision-makers reveals disagreement between the two groups about how productive one can be away from the office.

British workers who worked at home during the most recent period where the government recommended home working say they are more productive in the homestead (60%). Around a quarter say their location makes little difference, and 17% confess they are less productive in the home office compared to the workplace.

Their bosses, however, are not so sure. When it comes to their team, these decision makers are split - 33% think their direct reports are more productive working from home, while 35% think they get less done. Thinking about their company as a whole, only 25% say they think home working is more productive, compared to 38% who say the workplace produces better results. In both cases, around a quarter think it makes no difference to productivity whether employees are in the workplace or at home.

Despite their greater suspicions about their workers, when it comes to rating their own performance, only 28% of business decision-makers say they themselves get more done in the workplace than at home. Two in five (44%) say they are more productive at home, while a further 26% say there is no difference whether they’re at the workplace or at home.

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