Business ethics in Britain

March 06, 2020, 2:59 PM GMT+0

YouGov analysis of consumers and corporate reputation.

Six in ten Brits (62%) like it when companies have a moral message – but three in ten 30%) think they treat ethics and sustainability like a fad. A business’s values can’t be fully separated from its commercial performance. But are consumers truly willing to punish or reward companies for their ethical and sustainable bona fides?

YouGov’s new white paper, Business Ethics in Britain, examines the general public’s attitude to corporate ethics. But it also examines the attitudes the “catalysts” – an influential group of changemakers – has towards businesses, whether they behave badly or well.

Among other things, the research focuses on the specific activities that concern catalysts and consumers, the role that managers can play in maintaining ethical standards, and whether the public are willing to pay a premium for brands that appear ethical and sustainable.

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