Netflix spreads the Christmas spirit among the young

Maria AdediranPress Officer
December 22, 2014, 9:00 AM GMT+0

Netflix, the on-demand internet streaming service, is aiming to draw families together this festive period with their 2014 Christmas advert. The TV ad which was launched on 24 November, showcases a variety of popular movie titles such as The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Toy Story 3, for families to enjoy during the holiday season.

YouGov’s BrandIndex is able to continually track the impact a brand’s campaign has on consumers. By using this tool, we are able to reveal whether Netflix’s TV advert has successfully spread the Christmas spirit among families.

The Ad Awareness metric, which assess whether a respondent have seen a brand’s advert in the last two weeks, shows a gradual increase in scores since Netflix’s Christmas ad was launched. The score rose from +16.4 at the end of November to +25.7, indicating that their popular family-friending blockbuster has left an impression on consumers.

Over the same time period, its Buzz score, which assesses whether respondents have heard more positive things about Netflix in the media, shows an increase from +9.8 to +13 among all respondents. However, by delving into Netflix’s key demographics, it is clear that the brand is more popular with younger consumers. Here we see the score for 18-34 year olds increase by 11.9 points, compared to 35-49 year olds (up by 7 points) and the over 50s (up by 0.5 points).

There is also a correlation between Netflix’s ad awareness and purchase consideration score (whether respondents are more likely to consider purchasing from a brand) among the 18 to 34-year old demographic. For this age group, BrandIndex shows that the Purchase Consideration score for those who say they have seen an advert from Netflix, increased from 61.5% to 74.2%. However, the scores for 35 to 49-year olds and over 50s nosedived by 10.5 and 16.2 percentage points respectively.

Overall, Netflix has had some success this Christmas, especially with 18 to 34 year olds, its target audience. However, to completely win over the whole family, Netflix may need to showcase additional films that is appealing to older people.