Candid computer

June 08, 2010, 8:55 PM GMT+0

Nearly one third of British youths watches more video on a computer than on a TV, according to a survey commissioned by RealNetworks. The survey found that 29% of 18-25 year olds watch more TV programmes, films and video clips on their computer than they do on traditional television sets. However, their older counterparts are catching up, with one quarter (25%) of 36 to 45 year olds splitting their video watching time either equally between the computer and the TV, or watching more on the computer than the TV.

Not only do computers seem set to overtake our TV sets in terms of usage, mobile phones are edging ahead as well. 70% of respondents can state at least one occasion where they would like to view video on their mobile, with the most popular option being ‘while commuting on the tube, train or bus’, at 46%, followed by ‘at an airport or while flying’ at 45%. 22% would even watch TV and video on a mobile phone while ‘waiting in a queue’. So while TV looks as popular as ever, it seems the way in which people may watch it is changing.

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