Wind in their sales

June 04, 2010, 7:00 PM GMT+0

Dyson, the appliance manufacturer famed for its ‘bagless’ vacuum cleaners, has been causing a stir on the TellYouGov leaderboard recently, reaching a volume score of 51 - which represents a substantial gain of 32 points in the last couple of days.

This recent increase in comments, or ‘tygs’, about Dyson may be thanks to the launch of the ‘Dyson City DC26’ vacuum cleaner, and the accompanying advertising campaign, earlier this year. The new super-compact vacuum cleaner is the world’s smallest model – small enough to fit on an A4 page. Dyson has also recently launched its ‘Air Multiplier’ fan to great fanfare.

Many users, or ‘tyggers’, have specifically praised the new vacuum cleaner model, with one saying that it has ‘great suction’ , others finding favour in its compact size and some complimenting the range more generally for its ‘innovation, effectiveness and reliability’. A large number of tyggers have also singled out the company in general for its ‘excellent’ customer service, which was commended as ‘helpful’, ‘efficient’ and ‘speedy’.

Praise was by no means unanimous, however, with even committed Dyson users complaining of the vacuum cleaners' weight – one otherwise positive tygger said that theirs was ‘so heavy for taking upstairs’. Similarly, a number of tygs complained about the price of the products, with several claiming that they are ‘not worth the money’. Another lamented that ‘they don’t last as long as you’d expect’.

While one comment claimed Dyson represented ‘style before function’, the positive sentiment score, which reached a high of 21 in the past week to claim a plum place for the brand among the top 20 on the board, indicates that the company has built up a committed following of loyal clients – one of whom caught the mood of many with the comment ‘Dyson, I love you’.

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