Cowell baby news hits Twitter

On Wednesday it was reported that music mogul Simon Cowell had fathered a baby with the wife of one of his friends.

New York socialite Lauren Silverman, who is thought to be officially separated from her husband, real estate exec Andrew Silverman, is reportedly 10 weeks pregnant.

The Silvermans have been close friends with Cowell for a number of years, enjoying many holidays together.

The news that Cowell, a global superstar who has previously stated that he didn’t want children, is expecting a child exploded on social media.

Using YouGov’s social media analysis tool, SoMA, we can see that the number of UK Twitter users who were exposed to a mention of Simon Cowell increased from 1% on 30 July to a staggering 24.6% on 31 July. Furthermore the news has continued to make headways today, with 18.1% of Twitter users hearing about Cowell so far.

SoMA is able to offer insight into exactly what demographic audiences heard about Cowell on Twitter. For example on 31 July, 54% were female and 28% were aged 25-34. So far today slightly more males have been exposed (52%).

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