Energy efficiency on the rise with exception of foreign travel

March 05, 2010, 2:36 AM GMT+0

The majority of British people are changing their behaviour towards energy efficiency, says a survey for the Methodist Church.

Over half (55%) have heeded environmental advice and reduced the amount of energy they use at home by installing low energy bulbs and switching off appliances. Most people agreed that they had taken some steps towards improving the energy efficiency of their home, with the exception of full time students, of which only 34% admitted to using these methods.

In terms of making everyday habits more environmentally friendly, a not insignificant 22% said that they tried to buy locally produced goods, followed by 19% who used other forms of transport instead of their car when travelling. However, full time students one again recorded the lowest results - only 12% admitted to using public transport instead of using their car or walking.

Only seven percent of the total said they had cut the number of flights they had taken, indicating that while many people say that they are willing to reduce their energy output, very few wanted to reduce their air travel to achieve this.

Such results may point to the effect of the recession, in which people are willing to cut everyday costs at home, but still want to break up the daily grind with some trips abroad. Flying is one of the least energy efficient means of travel though, suggesting that campaigners and legislators have some way to go before consumers are prepared to completely change their habits.

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