Beard Week 2012 – your views on facial hair

July 16, 2012, 3:09 PM GMT+0

Recently it was Beard Week 2012, and to mark the occasion we invited you to voice your views on beards and other forms of facial hair.

  • Participants were invited to identify themselves as male or female, and the men who took part in the discussion were slightly warmer to the idea of beards than the women, more of whom said they were not a fan of beards.
  • The highest proportion of both genders said ‘it depends’.
  • Strong opinions were expressed on all sides!

We also asked you to tell us if you had been very or fairly adventurous with your facial hair, and how, or if not, then why this was.

  • Most of you told us you had not been very adventurous with your facial hair, while a smaller proportion said they had been either very or fairly adventurous.

Do you like beards and facial hair generally? Or do you prefer the clean-shaven look?

Plus, tell us which public figure you think has the coolest facial hair!

Q: In general terms, would you say you are or are not a fan of beards?

'It Depends!'

Some people suit beards whilst others clearly do not. In any case good hygiene is essential to avoid the 'dirty wizard' lookAnon

How well the style of beard suits the person's face, and how well maintained the beard is. A great bushy rat's nest is not good” JF, East Midlands

Something striking, or something simple – like a goatee. Otherwise, particularly when it is unruly, it just looks plain awful and there are too many people in this category” Brian S, Hove

How good it grows, as patchy is unattractive. The colour, as ginger isn't good. And how it feels, as it shouldn’t be too rough or prickly. The length is important to as it can get to straggly if it is too longAnon

Depends on the style of beard. No soul patches or neck beards (only Abe Lincoln or Gendo Ikari got away with them). … Facial hair should look interesting and demonstrate both individuality and strength. Soul patches and the like are just for pretentious poseurs that don't want the effort of a real beard” Dee D, Yorkshire

The man himself and whether he wears his beard with panacheAnon

'I am NOT a fan of beards'

They are for lazy people who have something to hide. Never trust a man with a beardJN

Most beards are scruffy and look dirty. Also, very bald men seem to think that growing a beard makes up for hair loss – doesn't work unless they are upside down!” Pete, Norfolk

I have no idea what it is that I dislike about beards, only that I am adverse to them – and the more beard, the worse it is. To be fair, some beards appear to serve a useful purpose, such as covering up a weak chin, but most are unsightly or pointless, and the ‘tramp's beard’ – a large and unsightly mess that you could keep goats in – is the worst of the lot” Richard, Oxford

I think they hide people's faces, make them look older than they are and are generally unhygienicAnon

I just hate the way they look! Messy, unkempt, can't be bothered look. Or if of the trimmed variety, usually look pretentiousAnon

Give the impression that a man is scruffy and unkempt. Once had a boyfriend with a beard and didn't like the feel of it against my skinAnon

'I AM a fan of beards'

Of course a beard doesn't suit everybody, but I feel in the people it does suit. It makes some people look older, which is a good thing in some casesAnon

I have a beard, and feel it adds character and strength to my face. Also, it saves me time shavingKeith N, North Yorkshire

ALL real men have facial hair. Clean-shaven ‘men’ are nothing but little boysAnon

"‘A man without hair, is like a tree without leaves’. Ultimately, a bearded man is the most natural sight in the world. Not only does it give warmth and wind protection, it also increases your surface area (more you!), and allows your face to be sculpted to a best fit” J, London

They are manly and accentuate the chin. Women cannot (usually) grow them, so they are a sign of male virilityAnon

Lovely feeling! Kissing a man without a beard is like eating an egg without salt (or other appropriate simile!)Annie, Northants

Q: To what extent would you say you have been adventurous or unadventurous with your facial hair, up until now?

'I have NOT been adventurous with my facial hair'

‘I have NOT been adventurous with my facial hair’

It's because I turned 18 about a month ago, and my facial hair doesn't grow that long yetAnon

My facial hair is a source of annoyance to me and exists only to be shaved offRichard, Oxford

Because I have standards, and I'm in the MilitaryAnon

I would not wish to grow a moustache or beard, as it makes me feel dirty and unwashed, and it is also itchy!Pete, Norfolk

I am unfortunately cursed with the inability to grow facial hair. Most other men say this is a blessing as I never have to shave. However, I know that if I had that ability I would not squander it. Facial hair is wasted on bald chinsJ, London

I once tried a moustache, but it went slightly gingerAnon

'I HAVE been adventurous with my facial hair'

When I was serving in Afghanistan I grew something more akin to a small animal than a beard, and was rather proud of itWill H, London

In my early 20s, I had a goatee that I grew long enough to plat (I never did that though). Also, being from the West Country, I naturally have a decent set of sideburns at all timesMatt T, Brighton

I have generally had a beard of some description for most of my adult life. The most adventurous I have become was to allow it to grow without trimming for about three months – really became quite shaggy” Dave, Essex

I’ve grown a real 'David Bellamy'-type beard, followed by selective removal through several shapes over the course of the yearAnon

I’ve grown a goatee beard to 8-inches longAnon

Had a U-shaped moustache (shaved chin goatee) during MovemberIvan W, London

Do you like beards and facial hair generally? Or do you prefer the clean-shaven look?

Plus, tell us which public figure you think has the coolest facial hair!