Staycation on a shoestring

July 14, 2011, 11:10 PM GMT+0

More than a third of British people will be spending less this year on taking a holiday than they did last year, our poll has discovered. Slightly fewer people say they will be spending about the same amount.

When asked where they spent their main vacation last year, more than two out of five people revealed they holidayed abroad, while this year that figure is slightly less.

  • 36% of British people say they are spending less on taking a holiday this year than they did last year
  • While 34% are spending the same amount
  • And just 19% are spending more
  • Last year, 42% of people went abroad for their main holiday, compared to 39% who have done or plan to this year
  • 35% of people did not go on holiday at all last year, and the same amount won’t be vacationing this year
  • A similar amount of people stayed in the UK for their holiday last year (22%) as did this year (21%)

The Office for National Statistics last year highlighted the many Britons choosing to holiday around the country rather than go abroad. In 2009, it reported that overseas trips fell by 15%, and visits to Spain alone declined by 19% as thousands chose a staycation in Britain over Benidorm.