Co-operative maintains momentum

April 20, 2011, 8:06 PM GMT+0

Two months ago, BrandIndex looked at the impact of The Co-operative's 'good food within easy reach' ad campaign that launched at the start of the year.

We saw that the campaign had the effect of increasing Perception scores for The Co-operative, taking it, almost overnight, from being below the average for the Supermarket sector, in line with Lidl and Booths, to well above the average in the same range as Tesco and Morrisons.

A good start to the campaign for The Co-operative but would it be a short-term boost or could it sustain its gains as the advertising started to wear-out?

However, returning to the data nearly four months after the launch of the campaign, it is great news for The Co-operative.

The Index score, which over the course of the first week leapt from -1 to the mid 20s, has held that position; remaining 13 points above the sector average (compared to nine points below at the start of the year).

This is driven by large sustained gains on all measures and there can be no doubt that The Co-operative has achieved great success in improving its perceptions across the board.

Where it has done particularly well is in keeping people talking about it.

The Attention chart shows that less than one in 10 people were hearing news about The Co-operative at the start of the year but since the middle of January this has been consistently between a quarter and a third of the population.

If the supermarket brand can maintain those high Perception scores once the attention falls away then it really will have been the perfect campaign.
Index scores.

Attention scores

Attention scores