It's raining tenners

February 07, 2011, 10:34 PM GMT+0

The notion that the British are obsessed with the weather seems to be true judging by Walkers' new promotion, which gave consumers the chance to win a tenner every time they correctly chose where it was going to rain in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. BrandIndex measured the public's perception of the campaign and of the Walkers brand itself.

The online and on-pack promotion, which launched on 13th September 2010, was backed by a multi-million pound communications campaign. BrandIndex picked up on the promotion with Walkers' Buzz scores increasing by 8.5 points from 14 to 24 September. Attention surrounding the crisp brand also grew over the same period by 6.2%.

The ad to accompany the new promotion hit UK TV screens on 1st October and proved a success as momentum grew behind the campaign with Buzz growing from 20 to 24 points. The light-hearted 40 second ad features brand ambassador Gary Lineker showcasing an 80s-inspired dance routine, choreographed by Strictly Come Dancing judge, Bruno Tonioli. To communicate the unique giveaway, Gary Lineker is shown celebrating his win by dancing in the rain to the Weather Girls classic It’s Raining Men which has been adapted to It’s Raining Ten.

As well as offering consumers the opportunity to win £10 every single time they correctly picked where it was going to rain in the UK, points could also be collected for redemption against a range of weather-proof activities including pub lunches, video games and books. Prizes could be redeemed for as little as 2 collector points, the equivalent to one standard packet of Walkers crisps. BrandIndex saw Value scores for Walkers, shoot up by 9.5 points with the launch of their on-pack and online promotion in mid-September, and by 11.3 points when the TV ad hit UK screens.

Pairing the very British Gary Lineker with our innate obsession with the weather, Walkers' campaign was always going to get the nation talking, the brand’s biggest ever on-pack promotion has proved to be a sure fire hit.

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