Rowntree's gives women the sweet tooth

Maria AdediranPress Officer
December 01, 2014, 12:35 PM GMT+0

Confectionery items (such as sweets) no longer appeal to just kids but are now embraced by different groups; from young to old, male to female.

YouGov Profiler app looks to reveal the things that are particularly true of a specific group and how they differentiate from the rest of the country. By analysing the profile of a number of confectionary brands, the app has shown similar groups attributed to Rowntree’s, a produce of various sweet packages, and Starburst. For both brands, the app reveals a female character who is interested in ‘parenting’, be of the belief that “My family is more important than my career” and are more likely to describe themselves as ‘Motherly’.

YouGov BrandIndex Index score (a combination of six key metrics: Impression, Recommend, Reputation, Satisfaction, Value and Quality), we see Rowntree’s soar ahead of Starburst among female respondents. The average Index score for Rowntree’s this year is +23.7, while Starburst lags behind at +9.4; this highlights the dominance Rowntree’s has over its rival.

The purchase Intent scores, which measures whether respondents are most likely to purchase from a brand, illustrates that the scores for both brands are neck and neck, with Rowntree’s leading slightly. Rowntree’s has had an average of 1.5 all year round, while Starburst has been keeping close with an average of 0.6.

However, the purchase consideration, which measures whether respondents are more likely to consider purchasing from a brand, tells a different story. Since the beginning of the year, Rowntree’s has led with an average score of 19.2, leaving Starburst behind with an average score of 6.3.

It is clear that when comparing the two brands, Rowntree’s has the upper hand and is having much more success among women. To achieve higher scores, Starburst may need to focus on a marketing strategy that appeals to their target groups.

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