The core issue

October 22, 2010, 1:03 AM GMT+0

As apple lovers around the country celebrate National Apple Day this week, we set out on a search to find the nation’s favourite apple. But when it comes to choosing their favourite variety of the fruit, the nation is split.

Five apple varieties claimed the title of nation’s favourite apple, with each securing a respectable 13% of the public vote.

  • Golden Delicious, a large yellow skinned variety, is particularly popular in Scotland, with 21% of the Scottish vote.
  • Granny Smith, a crisp tart apple originating from Australia, is a favourite with 25 – 39 year olds (19%).
  • Pink Lady, a sweet, crisp brand of Cripps Pink, is a clear favourite among women (17%) and 18 – 24 year olds (19%).
  • The traditional Cox apple, first grown in Buckinghamshire, is preferred by 24% of the 60+ population.
  • Braeburn, originating in New Zealand and known for its burst of flavour, got steady support across the board.
  • However, other cultivars such as Gala (9%), Russet (5%), Red Delicious (3%) and Bramley (2%) proved less popular with the British public. Interestingly though, it appears we really are a nation of apple lovers, as just 6% of the population claim not to like the widely cultivated fruit.Survey details and full results