Profile Peek: Will Samsung phone users in Britain stay loyal in 2022?

November 10, 2021, 5:40 AM GMT+0

Fierce competition in the smartphone market provides consumers with technology advancements and a choice of multiple makes and models. With new launches throughout the year, there is always the temptation for consumers to jump ship to the latest models.  
Using YouGov Profiles, a proprietary audience profiling and segmentation platform collecting data on 400,000 variables from 230,000 panellists, marketers and researchers can get a deeper understanding of people who are considering switching their phone manufacturer. 

A new Profile Peek from YouGov sheds light on key demographics, attitudes and behaviours of British consumers who currently use Samsung phones but indicate they will switch their phone maker with their next handset. 
The data finds that Samsung phone owners who are likely to switch phone brands have strong ideas toward brand purpose. More than two in five say they only buy products from companies that have ethics and values they agree with (43% vs. 24% of the general British population). They also tend to be heavy mobile data users, with 40% saying they tend to use up all their mobile data allowance (vs. 21% of the general British population.) 
The Profile Peek gives brands and advertisers quick and actionable insights into a niche subsection of phone owners and shows how they differ from the overall British population. 
The free Telco Profile Peek provides unique insights into Samsung phone owners who are likely to switch phone brands, including: 

  • The phone networks they are with 
  • Their thoughts on 5G 
  • The advertising channels that catch their eye 

Download the full Profile Peek to discover more about Samsung phone switchers in the UK