British Attitudes to Nuclear and Wind Power

September 06, 2013, 8:31 AM UTC

This M. Phil thesis assesses predictors of public support for nuclear and wind power in the UK.

In particular, the paper tests whether there is a common set of determinants, or whether predictors of opinion differ. Additionally, information sources, proxied by newspaper readership, and trust in information sources are included as independent variables to test whether they assist in explaining support. Part I of this paper reviews conventional determinants of public opinion towards energy sources and develops the conceptual framework used for the analysis. For the analysis an attitudinal survey (n=1915) was designed and distributed with YouGov in May 2013. Using the results of this survey, Part II of the paper finds that there is no common set of determinants for support of nuclear and wind power. It furthermore establishes that newspaper readership is not a significant predictor of opinion, while trust in information sources is, however only in support for wind power. A recommendation for future tailored communication of energy policies in the UK is provided.


I would like to thank my supervisor Dr. David Howarth for his confidence and trust in my abilities as well as Dr. Andreas Kontoleon for his advice on statistical matters. Moreover my gratitude goes to Dr. Joel Rogers from YouGov for helping me to design the survey and collecting the data.

For full dissertation, please follow this link.