Create content hubs to boost efficiency

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January 27, 2021, 11:34 AM GMT+0

Content hubs can help marketers break down operational silos and increase collaboration in the planning and workflow stages.

Companies should create a content hub to deal better with large volumes of content, reduce inefficiencies in content management and improve overall daily operations. Having a content hub can also make it easier for brands to create engaging content that consistently drives connected user experiences throughout the customer journey.

The absence of centralised asset repository can cause an output delay, and lead to increased customer frustration and mixed messaging. Creating a content hub can help marketers tackle those challenges, overcome labour-intensive manual processing and ultimately deliver impactful content quickly and efficiently across channels.

Marketers should take a holistic approach to content management, ensuring consistent and relevant consumer experience. Adopting a single, connected and integrated cloud-based content management system can help companies save both time and money.

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