Most users would not trust an outdated website

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August 21, 2020, 11:07 AM GMT+0

The UK Web Host Review shares website & UX statistics that businesses can use to enhance their website performance.

75% of consumers base a company’s credibility depending upon how its website looks, feels and responds to the user journey. Updating the website UX and offering a seamless user experience can help brands win consumer trust, as 94% of users no longer trust outdated sites.

With half of ecommerce revenues coming from mobile users, optimising websites for mobile devices is the need of the hour for most businesses. Moreover, mobile devices account for two out of three minutes of time spent online.

The article suggests businesses should ensure their websites are technologically updated and load almost instantly. Reports indicate that 53% of mobile users would leave a website if it does not load within three seconds, which could lead to high abandonment rates.

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