Brands should avoid using euphemisms in crisis-related communication to avoid confusion

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July 23, 2020, 5:43 PM GMT+0

With consumers already stressed due to the pandemic, euphemisms can be confusing. 

Brands should be direct in all their coronavirus-related content and avoid using unclear or misleading terms. Misleading audiences with half-truths can harm the brand in the long-term. If a brand is uncertain about their layoff plans, they can say that though the company will try its best to protect employees, “layoffs are a possibility.”

Companies should craft content that shows that they care for their consumers during the pandemic. Beginning branded communication with statements that projects values, beliefs, intent, or motivation can help brands emotionally connect with their audiences. 

Addressing all relevant dimensions of the crisis, like public health and economic uncertainty, can help organisations be better prepared for consumer queries. Communication professionals should also keep in mind consumer expectations are continually changing due to the pandemic.

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