Create content based on clearly defined goals, target audience and an on-brand strategy in mind

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July 03, 2020, 7:37 AM UTC

Read the content out loud to find awkward phrasing and repeated words.

This piece suggests that marketers gauge the quality of the content created for blogs, social media channels and websites before publishing it. Establish a set of standards like tone, visual elements, key messages and more to measure content quality.

Marketers must craft content based on clearly defined goals, target audience, and on-brand strategy to make the messaging look, feel, and sound consistent. Addressing key solutions while creating content can help brands demonstrate the content’s value.

Present the content to other departments in the company and test it out with online focus groups to determine what content resonates with consumers. Marketers and writers must collaborate on distribution to ensure the content reaches targeted personas and represents appropriate stages of the consumer journey.

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