Small businesses must reassess their communications and business strategies to ensure their survival

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July 02, 2020, 2:42 AM UTC

Increase marketing efforts and leverage a “quieter” marketplace to attract potential consumers.

With COVID-19 impacting consumer behaviour and creating psychological barriers, small businesses must rethink their communications and business strategies to ensure survival. Integrate videos to communications strategy and talk about employees, customers, and clients to stay top-of-mind among consumers.

Creating consistent messaging across channels in different formats like infographics, blogs, and emails can help brands effectively reach out to consumers. Brands must be transparent, creative, and communicate with a sense of urgency to effectively engage consumers and build loyalty.

Helping consumers in times of crisis and building attractive win-win deals allows brands to gain consumer trust while driving sales. Being empathetic towards consumers and adapting products and services according to their needs can provide small businesses with more upselling opportunities and improve sales post-pandemic.

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