Organisations’ current behaviour will have a long-term effect on their brand reputation

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June 19, 2020, 2:46 PM UTC

The Charisma Index along with Respondi surveyed UK consumers to understand their sentiment around brands’ behaviour during the lockdown.

The study revealed three-fourth of consumers believe brands’ behaviour during the coronavirus pandemic will affect their future purchase decisions. 48% of consumers said, “this will be a long-term legacy”.

Nearly half of UK consumers also mentioned they would avoid buying from brands that did not act appropriately during the pandemic. The article further states brands should be careful about their behaviour now as 69% of consumers can spontaneously think of at least one brand that has inappropriately behaved during this crisis.  

However, businesses that have been perceived to demonstrate generosity, integrity and put people first, will gain long-term reputational rewards. Companies that are continuing operations to protect jobs and the overall economy, will have a greater resilience after the crisis.

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