Brands are preferring niche agencies as remote work rises

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June 05, 2020, 8:05 AM UTC

Businesses can connect with specialised agencies worldwide with a quick Google search.

As COVID-19 has accelerated work-from-home routines, it has enabled brands to look beyond local agencies to hire niche agencies that have a specialised industry focus. Growing remote work software and video conferencing tools make it easier for brands to work with such specialist agencies.

While local agencies can provide a “rolodex” of media contacts for local campaigns and drive publicity, niche firms are efficient in serving procedural needs like compliance mandates. Niche agencies could also help brands build credibility, as they are likely to have “rolodex” of national and trade publications media relations.

Choosing specialised firms further helps in recreating proven models of similar campaigns executed by niche agencies, in similar markets. The author contends with many PR agencies evolving and offering niche services brands have an array of options.

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