Content marketers must determine a blog post’s purpose beforehand for it to perform better

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May 26, 2020, 1:44 AM UTC

Filter sourced keywords by volume and difficulty.

This article suggests how businesses can come up with ideas for blog posts. Developing a sound strategy is at the core of researching topics for blog posts. This would require determining the purpose a blog is supposed to fulfil.

This purpose could range from attracting quality traffic, generating leads, driving conversions or even educating consumers about products and services. Identifying a blog’s core topics comes next wherein the SEO tactic, topic clustering, can be useful.

Having done this, businesses can brainstorm or identify competitor’s keywords or go through search and social media trends or use keyword research tools to conduct topic research. Follow this by filtering keywords by volume and difficulty. The article recommends aligning blog posts with consumer intent can help them rank better in organic search results.

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