Some shifts in consumer behaviour are likely to continue even after the pandemic is over

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April 24, 2020, 6:56 PM UTC

A study by Media communications agency, OMD Worldwide, found a shift in media usage by the consumers during the pandemic.

The study reveals that 59% of British consumers have shifted to new communications platforms or streaming services during the pandemic. 78% of them said they might continue to use them even after the crisis ends.

OMD CEO, Florian Adamski has highlighted the need for advertisers to adjust to the change in media consumption and consumers’ expectations of how brands deal with the crisis. 61% of the consumers said that their future purchase decisions would depend on brands’ effectiveness in responding to the crisis.

This piece states that businesses need to have robust data to predict consumer behaviour to survive economic uncertainty successfully. Marketers have to be extremely flexible and adapt to the evolving media scenario to stay ahead of the competition.

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