With lockdowns in place, retail e-commerce sites see a 6% hike in online traffic

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April 20, 2020, 3:55 PM UTC

SEMrush Sensor analysed web traffic to understand the impact of coronavirus on user behaviour and consumer goods demand. 

While consumers are looking for products online, retail sites have predictably seen a bounce in web traffic. Amazon saw the highest online traffic in the retail sector, with 4059m views followed by eBay with 1227m views.

Traffic on fashion e-commerce websites rose by 5% globally between January and March 2020. Sportswear company Nike dominated the online fashion e-commerce sector with the highest web traffic (130m visits) closely followed by Macy’s (129m visits).

Books and literature category saw the highest online traffic across industries with a hike of 16%. Healthcare companies took the second spot with an increase of 9%. The article states since online searches have reached historic highs; even the rise of a few percentages can imply millions of new website visitors. 

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