Google should use SERPs designed for Covid-19 to deliver better results based on user search intent

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April 20, 2020, 5:48 PM UTC

A sticky side menu can further offer a well-balanced look at sensitive topics while extending the user’s search journey.

This piece argues the SERPs designed for Covid-19 searches with left-hand functionality can help Google improve personalisation. Google’s sticky side menu enables users to get detailed information about the pandemic in various new ways.

Google is offering an entire SERP to any particular aspect of COVID-19 based on what the user clicks. This functionality allows users to inform Google what they are actually looking for and enables the search engine to deliver accurate results.

This menu can enable Google to provide a set of search results matching the user’s search intent. Adding the sticky side menu can further help Google deliver a balanced view of search results even after the crisis, irrespective of biases.

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