Telemedicine software category sees the highest volume of search impressions due to the COVID-19 out

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April 15, 2020, 6:44 PM UTC

TrustRadius platform studied search-driven volume of top rising software categories during the pandemic. 

Among top B2B software categories, telemedicine observed the highest amount of search volume since 9th March. The sector’s search impressions went up by 613%, which was followed by electronic signature sector at 511%, web conferencing at 500% and mobile app at 366%. 

Antivirus software search impressions rose 357%, remote desktop by 281% and video platforms by 265% among others. However, some of these sectors like telemedicine observed lower search impressions post 6th April, while others like mobile app development continued to grow. Intermedia AnyMeeting and Google Classroom were among the top growing products. 

The article states that researched analysed the volume of Google search impresses between 9th March and 6th April in specific categories and products. This data was then compared with pre-pandemic search impressions. 

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