Repurpose organic posts based on the average engagement on Instagram to set a benchmark for content

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April 14, 2020, 2:31 PM GMT+0

Use ads that deliver improved mobile experiences as Instagram is a mobile-first platform.

This piece suggests brands should leverage in-platform promotional tools on Instagram to create ads for their high performing posts and develop a sales funnel. Marketers should promote posts according to their budget and accordingly choose to build out the top of their sales funnel.

Businesses should use Instagram placements or placements through other networks like Facebook to retarget users who have engaged with their Instagram profile. Marketers should use the Facebook Ad Manager platform to create ads targeting middle and bottom-of-funnel ads only on Instagram.

Instagram ad placements should be tracked to determine placements that work best for their campaigns. Marketers can also use tools like The Creative Hub to create and test mock-ups for new ads or browse ads from competitors.

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