Due to coronavirus, 25% of UK consumers have curtailed shopping in-person at physical stores

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March 18, 2020, 1:53 AM UTC

A RetailX study (which surveyed 1000 consumers) revealed changes in behaviour such as cutting down on leisure activities.

25% of Britons have reduced or completely stopped shopping in-person at physical stores due to coronavirus fears. Digital marketers can leverage this opportunity to reach and convert consumers and ensure customer success.

Changes in consumer behaviour were further seen in online and offline channels post the Prime Minister’s new coronavirus approach. Over 95% of consumers said they shopped online at least once a year. A considerable group of respondents reported shopping online only 1-5 times per year.

When asked about how they will shop after coronavirus blows over, 85% of consumers don’t expect changes to their shopping behaviour. But they also said they will go back to their previous ways of shopping as soon as possible.

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