66% of online time is spent on the open web but it accounts for only 37% of online ad spend

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March 11, 2020, 10:22 AM GMT+0

The Harris Poll for Open X found that there is a mismatch between where brands spend money and where consumers actually spend time.

While only 34% of consumers’ online time was spent in walled gardens like Facebook and Google, these areas attract 63% of ad spends. The open web, where consumers spend their maximum online time, receives the least ad spend.

The study found consumers spend more time on the open web than on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Amazon. The open web also gets more browsing session per day and longer sessions than social networks.

With the trend of increasing open web usage on the uptick, consumers say they go to open web for “high-quality content”. 77% of them also say they trust articles on news sites or apps more than on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

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