Ad agencies should prioritise on talent implementation for technological upgrades

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March 09, 2020, 11:51 AM UTC

Agencies should invest in specialisations to create more opportunities and scale.

This piece states technological investments are imperative for ad agencies to succeed in the “new advertising world”. John Durham, CEO of San Francisco brand consultancy Catalyst SF, says that though the technology is crucial, “it’s going to be critical to figure out talent that can solve problems”.

Big holding companies like Dentsu are investing multibillion-dollars on data and performance marketing as compensation models are changing. The author contends agencies should focus on operational leadership to ensure technology investments are more focused.

Building a full-service model with multiple specialisations can help agencies build strength in many areas and create opportunities with scale. Investments in media practices, people and marketing can further help agencies stand out. John Harris, CEO of independent agency network Worldwide Partners Inc. says, “building specializations open up opportunities because that can scale”.

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