When using a logical emotional trigger, supply comparisons and statistics in emails

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March 06, 2020, 11:30 AM UTC

Marketers can also use expert opinions, facts and comparisons.  

This piece suggests the emotional triggers that can be used to increase email click-through rates. The four triggers stated are gain, logic, fear and scarcity. For gain, the email copy should promise users that by clicking on the link in the mail, the customer will gain something beneficial.

To use logic as a trigger, supply statistics, odds, comparisons, expert opinions and other practical facts to drive email clicks. With the right audience and the right promise, businesses can get outstanding click-through rates when you push on a reader’s fear button.

If customers feel that there is no urgency to take action on the brand’s product launch immediately, they often won’t do it. If the brand wants to increase click-throughs, they need to communicate that what you have for them is limited.

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