Brands must improve their “empathetic listening” to deliver excellent customer experience

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February 20, 2020, 9:06 AM UTC

They must give customers room to speak freely.

This piece shares some tips on how brands can deliver a sales experience that customers will love. When pitching to a client, sales professionals must be upfront about how long a solution needs to be implemented before it can deliver benefits. By delivering a positive customer experience, they can encourage consumers to sign on or renew.

Businesses could create a social forum where customers can communicate their feedback and ideas for improvement or urge consumers to leave reviews. By accepting criticism, brands can show prospects that they value their opinion.

Companies, by setting measurable benchmarks to track implementations, can demonstrate that they care about the client’s long term growth. It’s crucial for brands be honest and trustworthy to validate their client’s feelings, and provide a solution tailored to their needs. 

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