Pinning a tweet allows a brand to showcase content on its Twitter profile

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February 18, 2020, 10:47 AM UTC

Having public tweets helps a brand be easily discovered.

The author suggests how businesses can optimise their Twitter profile. Having an effective bio can attract potential audiences. This is possible by using relevant keywords and hashtags.

The header image on a Twitter profile is akin to the cover of a magazine. And so, it must be used to feature new products, team photos or special events. Brands must use the link space in their bio to direct users to the brand’s home page.

This link can also lead people to download a free e-book or subscribe to an email list. Pinning a tweet to the top of a profile can let companies optimise their profile and showcase their content. Removing the privacy restrictions from direct messages can optimise a brand’s accessibility and make it seem more approachable.

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