By the age of seven, 53% of the children in the UK own a mobile phone

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January 31, 2020, 12:05 PM GMT+0

The study was conducted on 2,167 children aged between five to 16 in the UK.

A research conducted by Childwise has revealed that 53% of children in the UK own a mobile phone by age seven. 57% of respondents sleep with their mobile devices beside their bed. On average, children spend three hours and 20 minutes per day messaging, playing games and being online.

Additionally, 44% of children would feel uncomfortable if they don’t have a phone signal. Simon Leggett, research director at Childwise, says the average daily usage among children aged 7 to 10 has gone up almost by an hour a day.

61% of children report YouTube being their favourite app, and use it every day. Leggett further states that content being developed could get shorter to match children’s changing viewing habits.

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