Companies must create “heavily copy-dependent” ads for the Super Bowl

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January 28, 2020, 11:14 AM GMT+0

This is because Super Bowl ads are viewed in a loud and constantly distracting environment.

The article shares tips on how brands could best leverage Super Bowl for engagement. Likeability is an important aspect of advertising work. Build on it with compelling ads that strike a nerve, tap into human insight and connect the idea of the ad to the brand’s value.

Marketers must create ads that are “heavily copy-dependent”. The simplicity of copy-dependent ads can let viewers process, understand and remember them.

To build brand advocacy, companies must use the statement of being a “Super Bowl brand” by inviting employees, fans and customers “to participate somehow”. This is because potential clients would want to do business with a company they can talk to their friends about and for consumers it’s about the brands that “embrace the limelight”.

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