Advertising on streaming services should put users before programmers

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January 23, 2020, 10:32 AM GMT+0

Enable users to choose the advertisers they want to hear from.

This article states that brands and media companies should “re-architect” their advertising experience on streaming video services through “user-centric” ad formats. MediaLink’s Christopher Vollmer argues that Netflix’s ad-free viewing experience is threatening the ad industry, as their service puts the user before the programmer.

Such a shift must occur with advertising, too. Streaming video advertising can be made more “discoverable and desirable” by allowing users to choose the advertisers they want to hear from. Brands must create ads which fit behaviours like “re-watching”, “skimming” and “saving for later” that are native to video streaming.

Companies can gamify ads and make them reward-based. Further, brands can sponsor specific shows to facilitate a less-interruptive viewing experience. They can also experiment with ad formats, whose creative assets and insights are linked to programming.

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