Brands must “punch up” their TikTok videos to engage audiences

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January 22, 2020, 12:42 PM UTC

They must create humorous, candid and informal videos to stand-out.

This piece shares some tips on how brands can utilise TikTok for effective marketing. Brands must create fun, creative and authentic videos, as the content is consumed by younger users. Inauthentic video messaging or content will only prove to be a struggle for brands to build a loyal following.

It’s crucial for businesses to “punch up” their TikTok videos to make it interesting and engage audience. So the videos must be as humorous, candid and informal as possible. Adding music can boost engagement and brand visibility.

Linktree’s Alex Zaccaria notes that businesses must “get in early, test and learn from approaches” before moving to broad campaigns. Zaccaria advises companies to not overextend their efforts. If TikTok’s audience is not their target market, brands must focus on other social platforms.

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