Publishers could benefit from their first-party data as Chrome abandons third-party cookies

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January 17, 2020, 1:07 AM UTC

Larger publishers with direct sales forces will benefit more than those relying only on open programmatic, as they can activate first-party data with more ease.

As Chrome phases out third-party cookies, publishers and media companies predict a “steep rise” in their first-party data’s use and value. Since Apple’s Safari browser blocks cookies for about 30% of web traffic, many media companies have invested in first-party data solutions. However, advertisers are under-prepared as they have been focussing on the 70% of unblocked traffic.

Dotdash’s Sara Badler says that publishers must understand who their audiences are. The question arises over what would happen if Chrome introduced a solution replacing first-party cookies.

Publishers anticipate advertisers turning to them in the absence of third-party data. However, they stand the risk of losing buyers to walled gardens given the lack of third-party cookies.

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